Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mini reunion with GRS1 friends

OMG!!.guess what? i finally met my friends yg dah 18.. i repeat..18 tahun x jumpa...
how do u people feel about that? i'm really surprise and happy and byk lagi la...tak tergambar perasaan masa jumpa dorang. Who join the pac? Me , Tini, Linda and Fakri...

So Starbuck at KLCC menjadi saksi pertemuan 4 sahabat lama yg dah 18 tahun x jumpa.. except Tini and me coz we go to the same high school. Fakri, just keep in touch with him tru facebook al this while (sbb bil ank jumpa berapa kali pun asyik x jadi je kan?), but so surprise to see LINDA.. i'm so happy and x sangka a few of us still keep in touch with others. And biasala, this 4 people chat-chat and we walk down the memory lane. Sigh!! so nostalgia semalam .. ^__^

We plan a next reunion, but will make it a dinner this time , so bole chat lagi lama and get more friends to join...Yeyy!! i'm excited..balik rumah je terus bgtau mom pun mcm x percaya..hehe

***i'm so thankful to god for this friendship and to allow me to meet my friends again after 18 years!! also this is the wonder of Facebook.. I LOVE U facebook!!***

Tuesday, January 19, 2010