Monday, December 28, 2009

Hello Again!

lama kan x update blog sendiri..malas betul...

just want to keep record.. i had a wonderful christmas lunch with my office mate and bbq with some friends..(old school and gyms buddy)...huhu so syok..will post the pics later ye..

and the 2009 almost end yet my blog still sikit je citer.. will try to load more story in..

btw..azam baru for next year apa ye? dah fikir blum? azam tahun lepas pun baru separuh je complete

loose weight (sikit je turun)...
new job with better salary(dah dapat)...
saving ( tak tercapai azam ni).....
diet (lepas raya abis sume diet hancuss)..
learn to drive again..( hmm anybody can help me on this?)

anyway..i admit, this year is what i consider the best coz i met lots of new people, make new friends and they are great....learn to make delicious kimbap...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello again!

Alamak, lama dah x update blog ni..
malas lak kebelakangan ni...tapi i rajin kan diri gak today..

tapi hari ni ada satu friend, she a nurse. her friend (also a nurse but work in middle east) told her that most popular treatment by pak arab ni is penis enlargement!!.....ok, still not weird? wait for this one...ada yg opt to go for penis sentiasa erect ( gila kan?) dan ada yg install button kat penis dia, so bila dia nak erect je, press the button and there u go....! wtf kan? kesian org pompuan kat sana la....this is all due to faktor pemakanan dorang, banyak makan daging unta..x caya, try la, makan unta utk seminggu..sbb ada org yg dh cuba and mmg betul....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Angel & Demon

Dah tgk movie ni, quite ok, but for me Da Vinci Code lagi best(maybe becoz I read the book). For me Angel & Demon plot is more toward sculpture and church je, so beginning ada sikit slow only in the middle and at the end baru ada action....tapi scene dalam arkib tu memang it real? their archives? it is how it look like the archives in vatican city? amazing! So high tech! memang la masa Prof Robert Langdon get into the archives , its like disneyland to him.

For some people who didn't understand about sculpture and the illuminati group might find the story hard to catch at first. But the connection mostly between the sculpture and the church, unlike Da Vinci Code it involve lots more than that. (i'm still in favour of da Vinci Code..hehe)

Anyway, the movie is still not dissapointing, coz I can see the famous Vatican City, the sculpture which I love( but not many shown in the movie) and the symbols... its like learning back the history of art but in the most modern way possible!

Swine Flu?

Demam, batuk, selsema, lemah sendi badan for 3 weeks, tanda2 swine flu.....

Aku dah 3 hari demam, tapi degil sangat x nak jumpa doktor.. konon makan ubat kedai 'senseh'(x tau spelling betul ke tak) ok la...tapi still x baik 3 baru la pegi klinik, itupun lepas x larat nak tahan sakit kepala ni, mcm rasa bumi ni setiap 5 minit ada earthquake je..

Doktor kata, jangan risau la sbb u x kena H1n1. Just demam biasa bcoz of the cuaca sekarang. Tapi dia tanya gak if aku ada contact with anybody yg balik dr state or mexico..pikir balik, bos aku ada travel oversea, tapi bkn negara yg kena swine flu, pastu dia ok, je, sihat je..Tapi 2 bulan ni asyik kena demam je..antibodi dah lemah ke?

Alhamdulillah, semasa blog ni di update, badanku dah terasa ringan sikit, demam dah kebah, cuma headache je ada lagi, tapi maybe thats becoz flu and batuk x hilang lagi...tapi 3 hari ni sweat mcm paip bocor...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rapid KL

Pagi ni, bas rapid ke bandar utama U82 really make me piss off! I waited for 45 minute and dah 3 bijik bas tu lalu tapi sume x nak berenti. Mau x baran pagi2. Sume penuh last bas yg ke 4 baru dpt naik. Nasib baik ofis aku x pakai punch card. in the end sampai ofis 10 lebih.. overall td 2 jam 1/2 dr rumah ke ofis..

x ke bangang..sepanjang tunggu lepas 1 bas lalu, ada at least 3 bijik bas yg nombor sama lalu depan aku..bukan dekat punya bas, jauh2 lak tu...asal la rapid kl x tambah je bas U82 punya route..dah la satu tu je bas g d'sara intan..

Fed up betul.. inilah pengalaman tunggu bas paling buruk yg pertama tahun ni..!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Going For Holiday!

Tomorrow I'm going to Tioman!. Wah..x sabar rasanyer because believe it or not I've never been there. I like island, swimming kat sea and snorkeling. My mum ajak pegi Bandung but then I prefer cuti-cuti Malaysia..hehe Malaysia sejati sungguh!
The last trip to sea was last year, pegi Port Dickson with ofis mate lama kat AAM. Mandi x ingat dunia. And the last island trip was Perhentian Island, memang dah lama giler!
This trip purpose is to relax my mind, like my previous story, macam2 happen and I need the release. After this ada byk kerja lak. So , take this oppurtunity, relax puas2.
Well, after coming back from Tioman , nanti I story lagi ek mcm mana experience g sana. Almaklum la, first time katakan.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome Back!

Its been a while since I last update the blog. Busy, lazy all put together.
memang malas. Tapi bila tgk org lain punya blog, jeles lak..

My friend, Chek dah sound dah, asal blog kau dah lama x update..hehe...malas la beb!
Anyway...I dah ada mood nak start balik my blog ni..
Ni sume pasal banyak sgt tengok citer korea kat mysoju la ni.. \(^_^)/
Bcoz recently a lot of things happen around me. Bos gaduh sama bos, company almost dissolve, tukar office, tukar e-mail macam2 lagi lah! ada la dekat 2 minggu dok termenung kat rumah tunggu news pasal keje ni..

At last, alhamdulillah, I still have my job, tapi sian kat collegue lain kena berenti. (! !)

Yg paling bengkek skali, nak g ofis baru ni gonna take me 2 hours to get there..Macam tut!** je kan? Tension..tension... bole siap tido dlm bas. Dulu ofis lama 8.30 baru gerak dr rumah, la ni, 7.30pagi aku dah terpacak kat bus stop tu. Kena kalau terlajak tido? masak!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today, something happen to me..I saw this picture posted by my friend Farid in his facebook. I'm already happy from yesterday when I saw his name as from add friend request. Cant believe it myself. Then, my heart pumping so hard with excitement I thought I might get a heart attack or something. I'm so happy seeing this picture coz it bring back the old memory of friendship that I had with them. I straight away get my handphone and text all friends in the picture whom I haven't contact for so long. Just random sms as I dont know whether the number still alive or not. Luckily, a few of them reply. And somehow I found that they have facebook too. Great, double great...!
Only few of them that I still keep in touch with. Some of them totally MIA... We are once a family. Fine Art batch 1998...we do things together, went to class together, eat, laugh and cry together. Almost all of them married already with more than one little tiny hand call kids line up. Building their own family now. What a shame I didn't graduate with them..(that's is another story). There are all over Malaysia now KL, Kedah, Penang, Johor, Putrajaya, Kuantan.. everywhere....!
I really miss that moment...we are so happy and so free spirit. A bunch of youngster from all over Malaysia united under one department and create something beautiful. FRIENDSHIP... which is last till now. Ok..ok..there is always a fight and misunderstanding between us. But in the end we will always forgiven each other become friends back.
I always remember my room mate and bestfriend, Miza & Sab. We live under one roof for 4 years. They are married now with kids and thank god staying in near KL and I can still meet them.
Have you ever had that feeling when you saw something and it suddenly remind you of someone? I always remember Murni when I saw saw Siti Nurhaliza, Yana when I saw Sambal Tempeyek(the best sambal from her mom) , Yani when I saw black pump shoes, Ida when I saw Ikan Cencaru(the best dish her mom always tapau from home for us)pol with her colourfull plastic balls and Wawa when I saw Timberland Boots and linda with her hamster.
Thats just the girls. The guys, I will always remember Abg Alim and Farid when I smell oil paint, Bad when I saw a scooter on the road, Abah(Afis) & Acat always together like Belangkas, Badak with his selipar jepun, Mizi & Ijat with their humor, Kojak with his green sling back, and the bff Sharul, Asri & Rosli not to forget the silent Faris. Oh gosh! really miss them all. Wish could have one reunion with everybody back. Sure there'll be a lot of laugh and story to share..huhu...when will it be?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday Story.....Karaoke!

I had a blast last's been ages since I last saw my friends. So we decided to go out together on Sunday. Activity...? Karaoke..what else? Ima, Siti, Vera and me...only four of us as some can't make it. Kind of like a release tension activities for us...hmmm....! We sing, eat, sing and eat again and sing again and eat again till I lost count how many song we sing and how much we ate. Totally blow my diet that day I say..(I guess monday will be payback time at gym for me....punch!kick!jump!run!!!) We start singing, dancing, jumping, shouting and everything you can do in a karaoke room. We start with our own fav song and then we go back to our teens year singing song from Westlife, Ella, Siti Nurhaliza..hahaha! So much fun! reminiscence of our sweet years....what a day....! Some of us get emotional with heartbroken love song, some go crazy with disco song and some with retro song. Afterward, we go to KLCC and watch Four Christmases movie. The movie is okay, a romantic comedy...The day end with Ima and I having fried noodle at restaurant beneath my house!

There something I realise that whenever I went for karaoke, I always sing the same song. The song selection will always be Agnes Monica, KrisDayanti, Samsons, Abba & Melly. Start with slow number then fast track and back to slow number again. Well, I think probably all people out there will agree with me on this matter. Its just that we don't realized about it, we just pick our favorite song and sing! Its like I already know which song to select for my friend. And sometime I just shout from my seat," go to agnes, no 4!" The song menu is inprint in my head I guess!

Food! The karaoke place is the type that you can bring outside foods, So we get KFC....Ya, ya it will blew my diet but its Sunday right? No harm( I think : )) Anyway, I make my own rules so? Only Siti stick with not eating the chicken and choose to eat wafer and cheezy wedges only. ( so much for diet right?) But me, order "adik, bagi satu set X meal, take away ye!" hehe...Ima was tempted with the new Tower Burger and the free watch , the boy who take the order was sooo kesian, being bully by us. Poor him, well not our fault right that he speak with a slang that we cant really understand( cakap meleret)and fast and unclear. Even Vera had problem undertsanding him the first time. When he's taking Ima's order...nothing happen but when choosing the watch, that where the devil came....
" kak nak jam kaler apa?...biru ada?..xde dah abis...emm kaler apa ada ek? hijau, pink, kuning....nak kaler apa kak? emmm..jap eh...! emm..kaler apa ah cantik geng?..kaler kuning pun ok Ima.!.emm ok ke? pink pun ok Ima! emmm...ok la dik, sebab PAS menang pilihanraya, bagi akak kaler hijau..!"
As we waiting for our chicken & burger, Ima took out the watch & show to us." Eh x lawa ar kaler ni...emm x lawa ar, baik kau ambik kaler pink tadi..kaler biru pun ok aku rasa....rasa bole tukar x? Mesti la bole, masuk kan balik dalam plastik tu elok2"...Then the boy call us, our order is ready. " dik..jap eh...nak tukar jam tadi..kaler pink ada? xde la kak, kaler kuning ada la! ok la tukar kaler kuning" As we start to go " eh kak..kejap...! nape? kaler pink ada...!...pulak!!!!"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My First 2009 Resolution

I have knee problem, ever since forever I think. But I love exercising. Work out, aerobic classes (but my body still stay the same...blame it on food!). During the fitness class I can forget or sometime totally forgotten about the knee pain. But usually after the class, then I will ask myself, why did I do that, coz it hurt like hell!..
Sometimes I wonder if I should sacrifice my pain for the sake of fitness? But love is blind right? that what love to aerobic class did to me..duh!
Like on Monday, I went to bodyattack class and end up with a pain in the knee the next day. But coz I still love exercising and my aerobic classes(coz I'm a person who can't do exercising on her own coz I easily give up), I just join Bodyvive..well it's a low impact cardio class and won't hurt my knee...hah..WRONG!.. it's still hurt when I bend it. I swear on my all little black dress book that I would never go to bodyattack class anymore no matter what..unles they give me 1 million.! Thats is my first new year resolution.....well after 14 days I finally found my resolution.
Sorry trainer(Jackson & Peter)...not that I say bodyattack not good but it's really not good for me. Although my colleague, Yvonne love it to death I will not go for it again, and anymore.
Thats the first story this year!
By the way.. Happy New Year Ifa!
**p/s**The lady in the picture is not me although the face belong to me....: ) the guy? how the hell I know who he is...???

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is about me, who I am and what I become. I just started this blog and wishing with 2009 a new me will appear. i had so many things that I want to accomplish this year and hoping I have the will to achieve it all.