Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Eat.. eat.. eat.. in Bandung and Jakarta


A five days trip with my family to Bandung and Jakarta for shopping..hehe..

A day spending going out in the morning and only coming back to the hotel at night dead tired...u do nothing but shopping the wholeday. Nothing to worry about just how much do i have left after buying this..and this..and this...and "excuse me, where is the money changer?" haha....

Second day in Bandung I already spend my first million RUPIAH (all become millionaires in Indonesia) and was counting what's left i my purse and how much RM should i change more...such a crazy day, now i know how shopaholic feel like..u really cannot tahan yourself from buying.....

We went to almost all Factory Outlets in Bandung and at the end roaming and lepak..ing around Paris Van Java Mall (well nothing to buy here coz its like KL The Curve).

What can I say is, if you come to Bandung, a must visit place is 'The Summit, Stamp, Heritage, Grande, and the famous Rumah Mode'. A trip to Cihampelas Street also a must although not my fav place, then off to 'Pasar Baru'.

In Jakarta, its a fashion heaven for fashionista and 'muslimah fashion'. But a journey to Jakarta wont be complete without a trip to 'Pasar Tanah Abang' and 'Mangga Dua'.