Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another Bollywood Movie Today!

Another hindustan movie this month. At first doesn't feel like watching it but friends said it the last day and coz ade amir khan and kareena kapoor in the movie, well why not? But i search the net and saw that this movie is not bad actually and it seem that they received quite a good rating. Anyway, gonna watch it tonight with zaidi and sham and we'll see what the outcome is.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


This month i've watch MY NAME IS KHAN (bollywood movie, crying a bucket jugak la...but SRK really awesome, he act as an autism guy..serious menjadik!! plus Kajol also  is a great partner for him...sangat sesuai!! watch the movie with my mum and grandma....) after that i watch VALENTINE betul2 on 14th Feb 2010 with Ima, Ct and Vera( for me its ok, funny, lots of laugh but for me ok je lor the movie!!) and tonight gonna watch THE WOLFMAN with my gym buddies. Bila nak tengok PERCY JACKSON ni????

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

BYE2 JUJU..BYE2 COCO....... (! !)

Monday, 15/02/2010..... is my Hari Perpisahan with JUJU and COCO... i dengan rela hati give them to my auntie yg dok kat subang...sedih nyer sgt dlm jiwa ni....nangis sekejap tp try to kontrol sbb my parent ade kat rumah kan...malu kalau dorang nampak i nangis...

Tapi paling sedih tengok Bubu coz like she can already feel that her babies are gonna be taken away from her, malam tu dia buat perangai, pelik i...after the babies pegi, i put her back with the other babies and she lick them one by one and she become restless all night!!!! I pun x bole tido mlm tu, miss my babies!!!  In the morning , she already waiting for me to open the cage door, right after i bukak je pintu tu, she run and went to all the rooms in my house, dia x pernah buat mcm tu, its like she's looking for the others babies....and she keep on licking the babies one by one after that.. OMG.. even telling back the story is giving me a heartache...SIGH!!

Those 2 are my fav, esp Juju, my mini Momo. Tapi i believe that its a right decision giving them to my auntie. Please let them live and grow healthy and happy. 
mummy will come and visit you all the time!! Saranghae...!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

S.R.K Jalan Gurney 1

Thanks to Mr Luqmanul Hakim coz dia berjaya korek all his harta karun and found this pic. Ini gambar masa sekolah rendah darjah 5. Can u see me? Alahai memory sungguh.

Zaman sekolah are still the best among all. Nothing can beat that. Will gonna wait for next renion and hopefully ramai can attend yo!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Are u looking at my butt?? : P is back and another day has gone by....i have bad news today..i put on 1 kg!!!! huhu...(! !).. have to start dieting again la..macam mana ni? susah tau nk diet! mcm mana pun have to lose a few kg before April..........HWAITING Sun I-FA!!

Another topic...K-Drama..OMG..i totally love this new drama..You're Beautiful.............soooooo syok and funny, u cant stop laughing and dream about this flower boys (term i used for korean cute idols hikhik!!). I post their pics before (A.N.Jell) ...cute kan? Jang Geun Suk..I love ur voice and character in this drama...saranghae!! So i just finish watching You're beautiful and now watching Cinderella Man (Kwon Sang Woo Saranghae!!) and Autumn's Concerto (check out Van Ness hot!! tiba2 nak nyanyi lagu Wondergirls 'So Hot'.. Gyabo!!). I'm gonna check out new drama and movie only that its seem 24 hours not enough for me at broadband yg slow...sigh!! This CNY, will lock myself up and watch youtube all day..(if my father plan to go back to T'ganu x jadi)..kihkihkih

Another story, February has come AGAIN!!!!!! and that mean another year to add to my age..ANOTHER year! got that? and i will no longer be in the Club 20s anymore huhu gonna enter Club 30s now....! So help me god! nasib baik mak aku x suruh kawen cepat2....ok..bersempena hari jadi i ni, i akan menghadiahkan kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia, cuti 1 hari!! its true! i'm very generous u know! so here i'm announcing..... on 26th feb, i'm giving u all one day off work!! cuti and duduk rumah grieving for me coz i get 1yr older.......!

Anyway, i'm juz kidding. I thanx GOD for letting me live longer and healthy. Giving me lots of love from my parents, siblings, family and friends. I also thanx HIM coz i still have my parents with me and pray fro their good health always. Although i'm already 30 (ya..i'm 30 yrs old this year.. 'kenape? x percaye?) but in my heart i will always live as a 20 yrs old girl!! hahahahaha..........................

last but not bday present.... BABA (my daddy) bought me a second hand Proton Wira!!! Yayy!! that is the best ever bday present i received. Yohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!So here i am, start to driving again after say 6 or 7 years?? lama kan, ade lesen tapi gantung je kat rumah... but i think now after 2 weeks, my confidence level has reach 75%... this morning, side parking, BERJAYA!! hahaha.. mcm budak2. but i dare not driving to places that i do not know of and places yg susah nk carik parking. So now my destination is only, House - Office - Gym....

till we meet again.....sayonara!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My new found k-drama.. love!!